I have always been philosophical. I’ve always enjoyed quotes and reading articles and books to better myself and my understanding of why I do what I do. When the awareness of energy came into my perimeter of seeing I embraced it wholeheartedly. Energy is something I naturally understand. I am able to see and sense it when someone is sharing an experience. By having this understanding I can better assist the person to see the experience for what it is and remove the gunk that holds things down from clarity, such as negative thinking and ego driven expression.

When Reiki made it’s presence known via my daughter in 2012 I knew this was the answer to my questions. In 2013 I took a class to receive a Reiki attunement. The Reiki Master Teacher said that she was going to put these symbols into my palms and from then on I would have this healing ability. That day was a major shift in my life. After the ceremony I literally could feel a swirling in the palms of my hands and that made me very excited. I knew then that my purpose in life was unfolding. There was a lot of my own “work” I needed to process, old ways of thinking that needed to be let go of, new ways of being and thinking to be allowed in. I would spend hours in meditation, crying, releasing, trusting that during this period of time that I was getting to where I needed to be.

I believe we all the ability to make ourselves sick and therefore we have the ability to make ourselves healthy. I believe we are all souls having a human experience. I chose this vessel of a body to experience this life time. My purpose is to provide tools to individuals so that when they are dealing with their issues they have a variety of ways to handle them.