Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

How blessed you are!

Today, as you are reading this, I want to remind you to breathe – yes, breathe. It is through our breath we can come back to a constant space of peace.

There are so many natural disasters happening right now in the world, from huge forest fires, an earth quake and numerous hurricanes along with our day to day life of simply trying to live.

From reading posts on Facebook, I see people writing, It’s scary, I’m frightened, I’m worried, I don’t understand.

In my meditations and understanding of the energies right now all that is happening is providing all of us an opportunity to come together. What I found interesting when watching a video during the hurricane in Houston that no one was questioning which bathroom each person used, no one was refusing to help another person because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs. Do you understand now the bigger picture at play here?

What if, these natural disasters are an opportunity for each of us as human beings to SEE each other as in this all together? That ALL OF US are experiencing the Human Existence and that our time here is limited?

I see people banding together to help one another, whether it be through monetary donations, food and clothing or through their own time and effort. THIS is what our human experience is all about. Helping one another, not fighting and nit-picking over trivial issues.

Take a moment, right now, close your eyes, take in a deep breath through your nose, expanding out your lungs as far as possible, allow for a moment the peace of Spirit to enter your being, then release the breath through your mouth, exhaling all of the worry and concern. Do this a couple more times. Now, when you have yourself in that peaceful place…close your eyes again and imagine this peace you feel within being sent out to each and every individual that is in a state of worry today. Imagine joining this peaceful place on a larger scale. Imagine hundreds of people around you doing the same as what you are doing right now, coming to a place of peace and then sending that peace out.

TRUST the strength, the knowledge, the peace, the understanding and the Truth of all that is!

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