Being At Peace

Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

How blessed you are!

Today, as you are reading this, I want to remind you to breathe – yes, breathe. It is through our breath we can come back to a constant space of peace.

There are so many natural disasters happening right now in the world, from huge forest fires, an earth quake and numerous hurricanes along with our day to day life of simply trying to live.

From reading posts on Facebook, I see people writing, It’s scary, I’m frightened, I’m worried, I don’t understand.

In my meditations and understanding of the energies right now all that is happening is providing all of us an opportunity to come together. What I found interesting when watching a video during the hurricane in Houston that no one was questioning which bathroom each person used, no one was refusing to help another person because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs. Do you understand now the bigger picture at play here?

What if, these natural disasters are an opportunity for each of us as human beings to SEE each other as in this all together? That ALL OF US are experiencing the Human Existence and that our time here is limited?

I see people banding together to help one another, whether it be through monetary donations, food and clothing or through their own time and effort. THIS is what our human experience is all about. Helping one another, not fighting and nit-picking over trivial issues.

Take a moment, right now, close your eyes, take in a deep breath through your nose, expanding out your lungs as far as possible, allow for a moment the peace of Spirit to enter your being, then release the breath through your mouth, exhaling all of the worry and concern. Do this a couple more times. Now, when you have yourself in that peaceful place…close your eyes again and imagine this peace you feel within being sent out to each and every individual that is in a state of worry today. Imagine joining this peaceful place on a larger scale. Imagine hundreds of people around you doing the same as what you are doing right now, coming to a place of peace and then sending that peace out.

TRUST the strength, the knowledge, the peace, the understanding and the Truth of all that is!


Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

How blessed you are!

As I sit here Saturday evening, my body a bit tired and my mind doing an exhale, I find myself wanting to express gratitude like I’ve never done before.

I attended and volunteered at a retreat today (Saturday 8.26) that was hosted by a friend of mine, Sarah Jo Johnson and her company, Harmonic Tapestry. The retreat was called Women’s Restoration and was held at Newton Hills State Park.

For those of you not familiar with Newton Hills State Park, there is something about the energy there and the grounds that feel sacred. The location of the retreat was hidden away, in safe space in the park. Why the need for safe space you may ask?

Because women need safe space to allow themselves to explore self-love and self-care. As women, we are conditioned to believe we must continue to give and give and then give some more even though our vessel is empty. We are conditioned to believe if we don’t give it all then there is something wrong with us.

What comes to mind first in gratitude is the men that volunteered to assist Sarah Jo in making this a safe day for everyone. These men had all the supplies to set up a camp, first aid, transportation from the parking lot to the retreat area, they had walkie talkies to make sure that everyone was covered and that no one ever felt threatened. These men wanted us women to know we are valued, not for what we could do for them but that by simply being who we are, we are valued.

I found myself choked up numerous times throughout the day as I saw these men doing whatever it took to nurture us, as in preparing the fire, fixing the brats, talking back and forth on the walkie talkies about women walking alone on the road and ensuring they were safe and that no one and nothing would harm us. I realized I have not had this much in my life. I’ve always felt like I had to be the strong one. I was the one that had to be watching out for harm. The thought of having a man stepping up and simply doing this because it was a way for him to honor us was mind boggling. These men do not understand the depth of their kindness nor the gratitude extended to them. They showed me, in so many ways, there are good men, there are men that truly care, with no hidden agenda and that it is given unconditionally.

There was a trust hike and this entailed women blindfolded, walking along a trail, being guided by holding onto a rope. The trail was short, however, many women made the comment it felt a lot longer. I chose not to go on the trust hike. Why? Because I was a volunteer and I wanted to be there for the women at the end of the hike to walk them back to the gathering location while their blind folds were still on. I spoke to them while guiding them back and encouraging them to share the strength they found by doing the walk. I encouraged them to share their “glitter energy” when driving and walking in stores. To share that inner strength they found while on the trust hike. I also told them how proud I was of them for taking the risk and trusting themselves.

In the future, I plan to do my own trust hike. It is a part of my healing I get to go through. I realized today, I do not trust others will be there for me. I have learned to trust myself but it is others I pull back from. I look forward to greeting this fear, looking into its eyes, thanking it and then releasing it.

There was yoga that as many as 40 or so women part-took in. It was amazing to see that many women outside on yoga mats, all walks of life, all different shapes and sizes meeting themselves where they were to be in this journey of life. The yoga teacher (a male) was so awesome. He walked through the steps with such gentleness, encouraging each woman that she could do a pose, whether it was modified or not. By just being there and making the attempt it was huge in the step to getting in touch with one’s own stillness.

During lunch and later in the day there were four energy healers (I was one of them) sharing energy and healing to the women that chose to come and receive. Each woman received what was needed at that moment. Some cried, some felt the healing, all were touched in one way or another.

There was an art project that got us in touch with how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. It was a powerful moment for many. There was a self-defense class to give simple tools if we are ever faced with a situation where we need to defend ourselves.

The businesses in Sioux Falls supported this event in more ways than one. Sarah Jo put this event on as no-cost to attendees because she wanted to honor women and did not want cost to be a reason not to come. From the business donations that were received, it is very apparent that people, from all walks of life, all incomes, men and women want the female energy to be honored, nurtured and most of all healed.

At the end, I asked Sarah Jo if I could close out the event. I asked the women to raise their hands up to the sky, I asked them to open up their heart, understanding this was a safe place to do so, and to join this heart energy together with all the other attendees. I asked this energy to combine and strengthen to be sent up and out into the region, out into South Dakota, out into the United States and then out into the world. THIS female energy, the love, the light, the strength, the goddess that resides in all of us was sent out. This was important, because it’s time, this earth is moving into the Divine Feminine Energy and by sending it out, we made a ripple effect today. This ripple effect will be felt throughout and we will never know the impact we have made. But, trust me, the ripple has just begun.

As you read this, trust, you too have the ability to cause a ripple effect. Even the smallest movement can have profound effects. Send out positive energy wherever you are, right now, as you read this, set the intention “I send positive energy to those that need it today”. See, you just started a ripple effect!!

What If?

Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

How blessed you are!

What if, you go to asleep tonight, just as you are – and tomorrow, you wake up as an African American? What if you wake up Native American?  What if you are now Asian? How does your day change? How does your mind change?

Now, let’s take a different turn, what if you went to sleep a female and woke up a male or vice versa? How does your day change? Do you carry yourself any different? Are your beliefs any different?

Anyone that knows me knows I want to go deeper in the conversation, so now, you wake up with a different belief system? How does your day change?

Let’s assume, this belief system is for your higher good, it is in alignment with Source/God/Divine/Universe, it is pure, more pure than you’ve ever been able to experience and feel. How does your day change? How does your outlook on life change?

What if, you are on a journey of discovery? Those things that have been such a part of your life, so ingrained that you would never ever in a million years believe they would no longer align with you, you find yourself questioning them. Its okay, it’s safe. You are not going to hell, or anywhere else for NOT believing in what you have always believed in, what you were taught.

One of the purposes of me being here on earth right now is to help people align with who THEY TRULY ARE. Not the outside forces that have said what box each of us are supposed to live in, what society requirements we are each supposed to fit in.  Now, you get to realign the box, in fact, you can even discard the box and not even have one! Well, okay, that may be a bit too much for some of us to handle. So, really, you get to redesign who you are in whatever way YOU want to. There is no wrong or right way. When you connect to your inner-self, your soul, your spirit you get to discover your Truth.

Believe it or not, when each of us connect with our own Truth, we actually align with the vibration of the Universe and therefore make this place, this time, a more peaceful and positive place to live.

What if? Take this thought and ponder it today and throughout the coming week.

No Longer Able To Be Quiet

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

For those of you who know me, know I am an empath, I am EXTREMELY sensitive to energies. I see energy in pictures, I feel it in the air, I sense it in the person next to me in the store, driving along I can feel it in the drivers passing me.

WHAT IS HAPPENING to this country – should have everyone feeling the feels. NO, not hatred – the Universe does not differentiate what kind of hatred energy there is out there, all hatred goes in the same bucket. Same with anger, anger is anger.

What is awesome though is LOVE goes in the same bucket as whatever kind of love, love for one another, love for the ones that are scared (on both sides of this), PEACE, HOPE, all of them are separate and yet connected.

I have been extremely emotional over the last couple of days. When I have been crying and even sobbing, it is for humanity. I cry tears of release as the burden of all this is huge.

We as a humanity MUST REALIZE that to sit in the energy of hate – you join all the rest of the haters REGARDLESS of what you are hating. When you are in FEAR – all the rest of the people that are sitting in the energy of fear join you. These energies DO NOT DISCRIMINATE – it does not matter the color of skin, your belief system, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, etc.

You get to CHECK into your beliefs. YOU get to choose how you react. I hope you can see deeper than where you are seeing right now. I DO NOT have the answers, I just know what I am experiencing, seeing, and feeling is deeper than I’ve ever had before.

I BELIEVE the energy of love is greater and stronger than the energy of hate. I BELIEVE the energy of hope and peace is greater than any fear out there. I believe that combining the energies of positivity will literally change and shift the way we interact with each other, how we see each other, and most of all, how we live with each other.

You get to choose – what are you choosing today?


Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

I was going through my journal from last year, not really looking for anything in particular, just perusing through the different writings that I had done.

I came across this from October 19, 2016 and wanted to share with you.

Feeling meh, some sadness, depression, aloneness, what other feelings am I having? Numb, anger.

Be okay with being in this “place”.

Apathetic, ashamed of feeling this way. Shouldn’t I feel more at peace, shouldn’t I feel happy? I’m living my life dream, I’m here!! Be content being here, but being content is an area I’m not familiar with-what is this?? I am so used to pushing forward, constantly feeling like I HAVE to be looking for the next step, the next thing. Sitting in this – this content energy – be okay with it – really – you are being taken care of – money is in abundance – all is well.

I find, that when I do go to bed and I wake up in the morning, I don’t wake up like “YES” I am looking forward to today. I thought I would be. I wake up and most of the time I want to sleep until 8:00 or 9:00 am – why is that a bad thing? Is someone telling me that is wrong?? No, it is the pre-determined thinking that I need to get up EARLY to be productive – do I really believe this? Really? I do not – it is a learned behavior – I accomplish all that I need to every day and that is all I need to expect out of myself. Critical – the critical vibration is one that I accepted as a young child – this is a vibration I want to let go of and replace with grace, love and acceptance.

Sit – sit in this space – say good-bye, mourn it, allow it to be and then when you are ready – release – like a balloon – into the sky – say good-bye- feel the lightness – the white light that is in its place – FEEL how much better you feel.

Yes, this is how I journal. I get so much insight and information by writing this way. I believe sometimes it’s Spirit interjecting where I need more insight.

While I was reading this I was reminded of that day. I am so thankful that I allowed myself to just be and accept where I was at. I am in a space now that I do wake up with full on gratitude, excited to see what the day brings, who I get to meet and who I get to share healing with.

How are you doing today? Could you be more accepting of where you are at? Understanding that you are moving into a new vibrational space of where you desire to be? Mourn the old way and be prepared for some beautiful gorgeous vibrational energy that is just waiting to be a part of your entire existence!!

Life is Short

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov


While walking the labyrinth on a Saturday during a retreat, I was trying to walk with intention. What I found myself doing is walking, rather quickly. Oh, I wasn’t race walking the labyrinth, I’m not sure someone can or would want to. However, I found myself slowing down, and even with that slowing down, I felt like I was walking too fast. I even paused for a moment within the labyrinth to stop the momentum, to start over and found this slower pace was what my body, my mind, my soul needed.

I thought, why do I feel the need to rush, move through things quickly? Because I keep hearing, life is short. Unconsciously I was feeling the need to rush through things, because, you know, life is SHORT! Rush, get to things, before time runs out. Fill the days FULL of things, experiences, fit it all in before the time runs out. UGH!!

This is no way to live. Life is as long as I choose it to be. It’s not short. My days could be filled with sitting and looking at the flowers and trees. Yes, an entire day. The fullness of that entire day of what one would experience could be as fulfilling as filling the day with doing things that have been perceived as being productive.

This conscious choice I get to make is sometimes moment by moment. I am learning to not feel the need to rush. Spirit reminds me of this especially when I’m driving. Probably because it really gets my attention quickly! I’ll be cruising along at my slightly over the speed limit pace and someone will pull in front of me, even though if they would have waited after I passed there was plenty of time for them to get into the lane. Most of the time I smile and remind myself, Heidi, breathe, be well, this is your reminder, you will arrive on time, no need to be anxious.

I’m sure I receive many more messages to slow down, be aware, be present but the driving part gets me, every, single, time. So, what have I learned so far in this life? While I may fill my days with productivity, check off things on my “to do” list, the times  I feel the fullest in my life, the days I really am glad to be alive, to be having this human experience is when I slow down, and notice all the awesomeness that I am living in.

What can you do today to be more aware of this beautiful journey you are on? To s-l-o-w down and embrace this human experience you are having? This human experience can be as long and rich or as short and sweet as you choose!

The Answer

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

I attended a retreat at the Mother’s Healing Garden located in Dell Rapids at the north side of the cemetery. You ask, cemetery? Yes, enter into the cemetery, drive past the grave stones to healing. The Mother’s Healing Garden is a very special place that is infused with healing energy. In the garden is located a labyrinth. This was the focus of the retreat. It was facilitated by Twylla Alexander who wrote a book on Labyrinths.

Gathered on this beautiful Saturday were fifteen women at different stages of life. Some came from as far away as Spain and Africa that were visiting a friend from Watertown. The mixture of souls was set for a day of richness.

During the retreat Twylla helped explain the labyrinth and how long the known existence of it has been. Do you realize there were civilizations all over the world building labyrinths but they didn’t have a way to communicate with each other? I believe there is a Divine connection and reason people are drawn to walk them.

During the morning labyrinth walk, Twylla held space for each of us. This is a very special moment to have done for another. I hold space for people when I conduct workshops, it is a feeling of safety, peace and calming. All of us walked the labyrinth during this time, separated by Twylla’s direction of when to have the next person start.

I found myself holding onto the stone that was part of my gift bag. It said “Trust”. My intention for the day was to be “Open”. Walking inward I found tears being released out and the message was, release, let go, these things that are tears, they are thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, beliefs that are no longer to be a part of you. I was creating more space by releasing.

When I reached the middle, my friend Jeannie (one of the co-founders of the Mother’s Healing Garden) was there and I found myself crying more, releasing more, I hugged her. Her inner strength is beyond what I can imagine and I simply leaned into her. Trusting she was there at that moment for a reason.
As I was walking out, I was reminded that not only am I making space, I was allowing what is already inside me to expand even further. I felt my spirituality, my understanding of the Divine, of my purpose deepen to a richness I’ve not experienced before. I am open and I am allowing.

As I reached the opening of the labyrinth, I was greeted by Carol, (the other co-founder of the Mother’s Healing Garden) and I hugged her, hard. She too has a strength that is beyond my comprehension and I felt so deeply grateful to have these two women in my life.

In the afternoon, I walked the labyrinth again. This time, on my own. There were others that were walking also. One person in particular, JoAnn (a beautiful soul) who was wearing a bright yellow top and shoes that reminded me of my mother, was walking out of the labyrinth as I was walking in. We passed each other three times. I walked with my eyes downcast and meditative. The first two times we passed, I sensed my mother with me. It was like she was walking also, and as we passed it was like she was saying hello, I love you, all is well. The third time we met, JoAnn stepped to the side and the feeling of my mother saying to me, it’s time for me to leave, for now, you’ve got this, you’ve got the strength, do not be afraid. I cried, tears of sadness and yet, tears of joy.

I’ve walked the labyrinth numerous times over the years. I’ve never had these kinds of experiences before. It was truly a spiritually divine day.

What kinds of ways can you enrich your life? What are things you can let go of to make space for the richness of life that is just waiting to grow and expand within you? You may just be surprised of the answers waiting for you!

Carrying Pebbles, Rocks and Boulders

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

I wrote the below in 2013, and it recently popped up in my Facebook page from having posted it a year ago. I believe there are many, many people that can identify with this story. It is lengthy, but worth the read. 

I share this story with you in the hope that any or all of it can be of service and light for you. This was written by me in 2013. It is a bit long but WORTH the read.

I am walking down a path. The path’s width is wide enough for one person, it is made up of dirt and pebbles and is worn down by many, many people walking on it before me. Along the sides of the path are flowers and trees. I’m in a somewhat forest but yet if I look down the path I can see for a long ways, sometimes the path disappears and reappears as it winds here and there.

I can smell the fragrance of the flowers and the pine trees around me. I hear the birds chirping and the owls and other animals calling out.

I am barefoot and can feel the roughness of the path under my feet.

I am wearing a back pack and it is full of pebbles, rocks and a few boulders. It is heavy but I can carry it and have faith that I will be okay carrying it. I continue to walk along the path.

There are openings here and there along the path where there are park benches to rest. Sometimes I stop and take the back pack off and sit awhile. It feels good to not have it on me and I’m amazed how much lighter I feel when I am not wearing it.

Sometimes when I get up from resting I THINK about removing some of the rocks and boulders from the back pack but then I decide I cannot do this. What will people think if I leave some of these things that I carry so close to me?

As I continue along the path, the sun is shining and I feel its warmth. I imagine a day where I can truly feel the sun and warmth surrounding my entire being, not just my face. I want to feel that warmth in my entire being. I just don’t know how to make that happen.

There is a clearing and I see all these rocks. They are not my rocks, they are other people’s rocks that have been left behind.

Some of them have names on them that identify what they represent. Some of them say “fear”, “unlovable”, “hate”, “pissed off”, “irritation” “stupid”. I KNOW what they say but some of them are so pretty I cannot help but pick them up and put them in my back pack.

The back pack continues to get heavier as I continue to pick up the rocks and boulders, I even sometimes pick up a pebble here and there because, hey, how much does a pebble weigh and I can handle it, I can carry all of it. I’m strong, I believe in God and God wouldn’t lead me down the wrong path right?

Now, I get to a clearing and there is a bench, that has comfy cushions to it. There is someone also sitting there. I do not recognize who this is but they look fairly trustworthy so I sit down next to them.

I do not want to talk to them though and they are quiet also. I watch them, as I like to observe behavior of others. While they are sitting there I watch them with their own back pack. Their back pack is really worn and tattered. They look old and weary.

As I sit there observing, I’m watching them begin to unpack their bag. I’m watching them take a rock out, hold it dear to themselves and then say good-bye to it and they set it down on the other stacks of rocks left by others.

I watch this person continue to do this for a couple of hours. I cannot believe how many rocks and boulders they are pulling out of their bag, it seems endless.

Now, I look at them again, really look at them and I swear, they have gotten younger while sitting there. They do not look downtrodden, they do not look beat up anymore, if anything they look like they are ten years younger.

How can that be? How can I have sat here, watching them all this time and they transformed all by unpacking their back pack?

I try to talk to this person, but it’s almost as if they do not hear me. I wonder, am I not ready to hear what they have to say or are they truly ignoring me?

I watch them pick up their bag and put it on their back. It appears to be almost empty. They continue on their path and I swear I see a glow around them, a glow I never noticed before.


So, I think, well, if they can unpack their bag maybe I can too.

I pick up a rock out of my bag and I look at it. It says fear on it. I hold it, I look at it, I ponder, what would it mean to put this in the pile that has been left by others? I’m not ready, I put it back in my bag.

I’ve rested long enough. It’s time to continue on. I heft my bag on my back and it is painful but I do not know what else to do but carry it with me. I cannot let all these pretty rocks behind I feel a responsibility to carry them with me. I would feel guilty if I left any of them behind. Besides, some of these rocks are not mine, I am carrying them for others and how would they feel if I left them behind?

The path at times is muddy. My feet are covered in mud, there is so much gunk that is being dropped by others. Sometimes I wonder if people ahead of me are truly letting these things go or have they overloaded themselves so much the gunk is just dropping off them because they aren’t able to carry it.

Where I can, I pick up some of the gunk to help those that aren’t able to carry it all.

Oh my, I am out of breath and the burden is so heavy that I am carrying that I’m not sure I can make it much farther. My health is starting to go, I can tell because I find myself going to the doctor more and also pulling away from friends and society in general. I crawl in bed and sleep a lot. I have no energy.

Every time I wake up though, there is my back pack ready for me to carry.

I am attached to this back pack after all these years. I start wondering though, can I ever live without it?

Sometimes I start to pull out all the pebbles, rocks and boulders I carry in it and I get overwhelmed.

I keep thinking though, is there another way? Is there another path I could be going down that would be better?

It may not be simpler but the path I’m on is so difficult that I’m preparing myself to go down a better one as soon as I can gather the strength to do so.

There is one day I wake up, ready to face the day and it was like an “ah ha” moment. WHAT IF, I leave one rock a day on the side of the path? I may not be able to unload my back pack all at once like the individual I saw not that long ago but I bet, if I can leave a rock a day or even a week the weight of it all will lighten and maybe, just maybe, my life can become better. That I too can have that GLOWOF LIGHT eventually one day.

Sometime during the day, I choose a rock. With gratitude, I say to the rock, thank you for being there for me, for serving a purpose, but I no longer need you, I appreciate all that you have provided and I say good-bye. I gently put it down along the ground.

I notice, for the first time, there are other rocks along the way that others have left. They are glowing, I can tell, they are shining because they have been given gratitude for their purpose. Some of the words on the rocks are; death, grief, sadness, depression, illness.

I wonder, how can one have gratitude towards any of these “negative” life emotions and challenges?

As I walk along this beautifully lit pathway I come upon another clearing, another resting point. There is an individual there that has a white glowing essence. I sit next to them. They smile at me and say, “welcome”.

I feel much more peaceful and I want to ask questions. It’s as if they can sense this and say to me, go ahead, ask questions, I am here to answer to the best of my ability.

I ask, how can one have gratitude for all the negative things in one’s life? The grief and loss of a loved one, the sadness of what could have been?

“My child, if you never experience sadness how do you understand joy?” “If you do not experience grief and loss how do you learn to appreciate what you have right now?” It is by having gratitude to experience all that life has to offer is where you will truly understand what love and peace is all about.

I want to ask more questions and yet, I do not seem to have any in my head at the moment. I hear what is being said, it resonates in me. I “get it”. I understand that when I have gratitude for all that is, that I can then truly be in the moment, that I can truly come from a place of love and peace.

My ego chimes in though, look at others, see how they react, see how angry and fearful they are? You cannot live without fear and anger. You HAVE to live with it. You cannot leave it behind.

That day, I look in my backpack and look through all the rocks, boulders and pebbles, and I pick out all of them that have fear written on them and I put them on the side of the road. I have enough pebbles that I can actually arrange them in a fashion to make an outline of a heart. I choose to not live in fear.

I notice that on this day, my back pack is getting lighter. It is not near as heavy as it has been.

The pathway is taking a turn and as I take this turn, I notice that things are getting greener, more lush, there are more flowers, there are more animals singing and expressing themselves. It is such a loving place. I like this feeling that I have inside. It is from a place of love.

I hear a waterfall and I walk towards it. There is a pool to walk into if I so choose. The water is clear and I can see the bottom. It is refreshing to feel the mist as my journey has been a hard and arduous one. I feel tired and dirty. I slough off my back pack and walk into the clear healing water.

My breath is taken away, the healing that is happening within myself is overwhelming and I cry, I cry for the grief I carry with me, the sadness, I am letting go of all that does not serve me.

There is a light that is glowing around me. I look at it, as if it is alien to me. I can see my reflection in the water and as I look at myself, I do not understand immediately what I am seeing. There is this glow, this light that is coming from within me and expanding outward. I watch as it ebbs and flows through and around me.

Tears of JOY coming from my eyes and an overall release of toxins from my body allow me to truly feel, deep within my bones JOY. I’ve never felt this before. It is a feeling I want to live in.

After playing and laying in the water and the overwhelming feelings subside and calm down I am ready to walk out of the waterfall pool. I feel at peace.

I see the worn and tattered back pack, still heavy with the rocks and boulders that I carry.

I sit by the side of the pool and I begin to unpack my back. I remember, way back on my path the individual unpacking their bag. I am in awe that I am at this point in my path but I am thankful also. I take a rock out, kiss it, give gratitude and I start my own pile of rocks and boulders. With each rock/boulder that I remove, I notice my back pack becoming almost like new. Those places where it was torn and tattered are being repaired right before my eyes.

I am on a roll now and I am ready to let go of those rocks and boulders that I have carried for others. I realize now, they are carrying the identical rocks and boulders themselves. I wonder, why am I carrying them too? I’m doing no good for them and I surely am not helping myself by trying to carry their burden also. It is THEIR journey to figure out how much they want to carry. I no longer need to feel guilty about their burdens.

I empty my back pack of all that I feel comfortable unpacking. I’m not ready to let go of all of it. I need time to heal those areas I’ve just let go of. I need to fill the areas that I’ve removed with healing white energy, with love and peace. It will take time for me to do this.

I hoist my now lighter back pack on my back and continue along the path. I am feeling lighter, and I can actually look up into the sky when I’m carrying the back pack. You see, I had been carrying so much on my back and in my hands that I could not look up, I could not appreciate all that was. I couldn’t see the sky, I couldn’t truly feel all of the sun on my face, on my being. I can truly look up, see the fluffy white clouds, the sun warm upon my being, and the joy that is there for the taking and experiencing.

The pathway I am on now is almost psychedelic to my eyes. The pinks are pinker, the purples are purplier, the reds are redder. I love it. I want to continue on this path. I want to continue to learn, I want live in this place. I will do whatever it takes to continue along this path. I will face the fears that will bubble up, I will hear my ego but I can and will choose a path that is for my higher good.

This pathway will not always be easy, sometimes it will be very difficult, but I will remember this feeling, this feeling of joy, love, peace and light.

I can tell, it’s time, it’s time to share this path with others, those that are on their own path, I get to be one of those that is sitting along their pathway and share my light, share my aura and by sharing my aura I can give them hope, hope for a better day, hope for a day of peace and light, a place of living in love. Now, in July of 2016 – I am glowing, I am ready, I am sharing. I am not perfect, I do not have all the answers, but I KNOW in my inner most being I am ready. This still resonates with me in July of 2017!

Seeing and Experiencing

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

This photo of the monarch butterfly evolving from the chrysalis to the actual dried wings butterfly reminded me of how I see people.

Some people are still in their cocoon. They may not even know they are in the cocoon because the pain they are going through doesn’t make sense to them. I also see some that know they are in the cocoon and welcome the pain and growth because they understand what is coming.

There are those that are crawling out of the cocoon and trying to fly before they are ready. They are frustrated and angry because they can’t move into all they want to be right away. Patience my dear, patience.

There are some that have come out of the cocoon, their wings are dry, they are ready, but they hold on tight to the branch, they are afraid. What does it mean to fly? What does it mean to be all that I’m meant to be? What if I can’t do it the “right” way? Why bother if I can’t be perfect.

If there is anything I’ve learned on this journey is to trust. Trust the process, trust the pain, trust the joy, trust the nudge. Oh you beautiful butterfly – let go – use those wings – they were meant to carry you far!

It’s time for you to shine! Share you! Beautiful, glorious YOU!

Dreams and Reality

Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov


On Facebook, there is the “On This Day” that pops up to remind us what happened in the past years that we posted. To my surprise, the end of June, a picture of my Reiki Room showed up along with a group picture with Wakefield Chiropractic! It has been an entire year since I “moved out” of my home and into an office to provide Reiki and the rest of my services.

I am amazed of how well the entire transition has gone! From part-time to full-time, to moving to another location after only six months!

Many, many years ago I had this dream. A dream of having my own business, to be able to be the boss of myself, to create, and more importantly to be able to help others. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming but this life that I’m currently living is real!

My faith in Spirit has always been strong, but this new life encourages me to release the need to control and to come from a place of allowing. Knowing, that I truly am being taken care of if I will just allow the abundance to come to me.

What dreams do you have? If you don’t have dreams of where you want your life to be, why not? The Universe is waiting to assist you in making whatever you desire a reality! I’m a true testament to this! Oh, and just wait and see what Spirit and I are working on for my future! It’s going to be AWESOME!