Stubbornness, Fear & Protection

Stubborness, Fear and Protection

When I was in grade school, around the second grade, the Art teacher for the entire school district came to teach us how to draw and color trees. She was telling us that trees are not brown, they are combination of many different colors. At this young age, I found myself raising my hand and in defiance told her in so many words that she was wrong and that trees are brown. This stubbornness that I have has served me my entire life. Sometimes really well, other times, well, maybe it could have not been so stubborn?

I laugh now at how confident I felt at the time that I was right.

From the age of three I remember having anxiety. Anxious and fearful. From what I can recall, I believe my family was going to a funeral (possibly my maternal grandfathers) and I was being left behind with a relative. I remember a picture being taken with everyone but me. It is so vivid in my mind even to this day. I didn’t know it was anxiety until I was I my mid-30’s during a therapy session. I had “stomach” issues or nervousness all my growing up years. It was a sense of not feeling safe and secure. It wasn’t any ones fault I felt this way, it was simply my experience and perception at the young age of three.

As I’ve dug deeper into my life and realizing I am an empath/intuitive, that I feel other people’s emotions, and receive information about others thoughts, I’ve learned I need to protect myself. This intuitiveness I have, the just knowing, was shut off at a young age. Receiving so much information about others and feeling all the emotions was overwhelming.

Maybe you can identify with some or all of the experiences?

During the last five years or so, I’ve been going through a transition of understanding these “gifts” and learning to embrace them rather than fight and feel ashamed. I’ve learned that while the stubbornness, fear and protection were all tools I used during periods of my life that I needed, I also have learned they have kept me from experiencing the positives of life. I would cocoon myself so tight at times I would keep away from anything and everything. My stubbornness would get the best of me and keep me in fear and protection mode.

What I have learned to date, is that by embracing the positives of life, the understanding that I am safe to step out into this world, to speak my truth, to have gratitude to all that is, the good, the bad and the ugly, I am able to live a full, more joyous, content and happier life. I actually find myself smiling more just for the sheer pleasure of smiling!

Where are you in your life journey? Are you living it the way you want to be? What choices would you make today if you knew you could move into the space you desire to be living? No idea? Have an idea but not sure how to move forward? Let’s connect, soon. I have tools and ideas to help.

Reflection, Dreams & Choices

Taking a moment to reflect on 2017. It was a year of many lessons, shifts in energy (whether you realized it or not) and overall challenges for everyone. The ascension (click on this link to learn more, and scroll down on the webpage) has been very challenging for some. There have been times that the experiences I have had were challenging to not get caught up in the emotions and simply see things for what they are.

My business went through a metamorphosis from two days a week, moving to a new location and sharing the room, to having my very own office. Lots of changes, challenges, adjusting and allowing. I learned that the Universe truly has my back. As I’ve shifted my energy and thinking, I am in a space of expansion, allowing all the goodness to come to me and to live with intention. This has been a dream of mine since obtaining my Reiki II certification in April of 2013. Along with having my own office, I also dreamt of having a place for stones and crystals, supporting others with their dreams and to be able to stand in my light more so that others too will feel comfortable in standing in theirs. I also took time to create sacred space for myself, go on a solitary retreat, create a lot of art, drink lots of coffee, spend time with friends, and lots more laughter and smiling.

My word for 2017 was Dream. I believe I fulfilled the word in so many ways!!

On Christmas Day I traveled to Watertown (my hometown) and I stopped to see my father at the nursing home that he just moved into the end of November. He turned 93 the end of September and just a year ago was living on his own in the house I grew up in. Upon reflection of where his life is at and what challenges he’s facing I realized he is teaching me and the rest of my family about choices. We can’t always know what the outcome is on the choices we make. I believe if he could have seen in the crystal ball a year ago he may have made a few different choices however, that is not the case and so we need to look at things the way they are. I was thinking about my mother (who passed away in 2008) on the drive back to Sioux Falls and her motto was Your Attitude Rules Your Life. This too has been my motto and am reminded often to adjust my attitude if I don’t like the way things are. I may not be able to change my circumstances but I do know that I can control my attitude and the way I view things. I can come from a place of understanding and to open my viewpoint to realize that people are not against me, they aren’t out to get me, that instead, each of us are just trying to get through this thing called life.

What choices are you making today that will affect your life down the road? Are there positive choices that you could make to impact your life in the long term? Impact in a way to make your life more positive, uplifting, healthy, strong and allow your body to move in whatever way you choose?  I am more of a sitting and creating art type of person rather than the adventurer of walking and hiking. I am learning that I get to become more of an adventurer to move my body, to make it stronger and healthier so that my body will be able to do what I want it to do many, many years from now AND I can also be a creating art type of person. It’s not one way or another, it’s both.

So, here’s to 2018. May it be a year of discovery, understanding, depth and self-love!

Winters Cold

I am finding that I love Winter. I have shifted my thinking from the idea of it being a cold, dreary, sad time of year to a time of going inward, to heal, repair, replant and to feel my own light. The below writing was received via email from a Meetup Group I follow and was written by the organizer, Neal Bertelsen. I thought it was a poignant time to share these thoughts with the Winter Solstice coming up on the 21st.

Here is to seeing our own darkness as a place of rejuvenation!

Did you know that there is a Spiritual Reason for winter’s cold?

Perhaps you have heard this before, but I felt impressed to invite you to really FEEL this. Go ahead and feel the effect of the Cold this year.

Let winter soak into you.

Do not be afraid of it. Do not be averse to it.

There is a reason why you are living in a place on this Earth which experiences a cold, snowy Season of Winter. There is a lesson which Nature is longing to teach you, and which on some level, your soul wants to learn — else you would not be here.

There is something stirring underneath the Snow. Just beyond the veil of white, something very powerful is happening.

An ancient and timeless magic is cast.

The Soul of the Earth is being renewed.

When we approach the Cold of Winter with a calm, brave, steady curiosity — when we have the faith to realize that it cannot extinguish our Heart or our Soul’s flame, it embraces us.

The effect of this cold is the same on us as it is on all the Earth. It bites, stings, and tingles, slowly and chillingly turning off our outward senses, and arresting the flow of energy which is ever expelling itself from our core.

After the numbness of external sense becomes complete, we realize there is something much subtler, but infinitely more powerful happening just beneath the surface of our normal consciousness. Something which is literally creating all that we see around us. Something that, if it were taken away, would take all the World with it.

When we catch a sense of this something stirring within the numbness, our interest is piqued, and we naturally turn our focus and our forces within.

With more of our energy, attention, and focus flowing in an inward direction — instead of in the normal outward go-go, do-do, produce-produce direction — we join with the Earth in a yearly holy rite. Together, we confront a magic process which can only happen under such conditions: Rejuvenation.

The Earth is literally rejuvenated and renewed because of this shift in the flow of its attention and living energies. It covers itself in a white veil, and performs a work underneath its surface which can only be described as miraculous and intense.

There is no man-priest or woman-witch, no guru or master to preside over this holy rite. There never will be. Only the Cold guides the Earth and all those who fancy to follow Her into the Inner Temple of their own Being.


Take advantage of this time, of this Season, of the currents of Outer Nature all around you right now. It gets colder. The Moon’s Light wanes. The Sun’s Days shorten. This is the most intense time of the year to attune to these energies, to jump into this River which is flowing, pouring, RUSHING in the INWARD direction.

Indeed, you need not really do anything to be carried away in this current. It will happen naturally. But if you are aware of it, you will see the magic, and enjoy the marvel.

Let the Universe and all around you, carry you within.

Once you find yourself there, you need not do anything. The Doing was for the Spring and Summer. All you need to do is simply release, be carried within, and see what you find.

This process will calm you. Your Outer Nature will become still and soft, clear and white.

If you can hold yourself here until the Spring returns, by that time you will know what to do with your life. You will know how you’d like to proceed, what seeds you like to plant and feed.

But for now, simply submit to the Cold of Winter. It will not extinguish you. The Secret is, it will do just the opposite.


I wish you all the warmth at the core of my being. There is a deep stillness inside of all of us, which resides and waits for us. Winter is the time to touch that stillness and shiver with its power. That stillness is the same source of each of us. When we touch it, we touch our Common Union, our Deepest Source. Just remember that although the Winds of Winter may blow snow on snow, deep, deep underneath it all is the Warmth which makes the World go round.
Written by Neal Bertelsen

No Need to Push the River

At Second Saturday one of the attendees made the statement “No Need to Push the River”. It was such an epiphany. Take a moment – read the quote again – then let it resonate within you.

What is interesting to me is that Sunday afternoon when I was preparing for the Vision Board Workshop, I was talking to a fellow tenant of the building and he was talking about learning to reduce worry and to allow things to flow. Mmmm, coincidence that the similar message was being given to me? I don’t think so!

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you are trudging up an unbelievable mountain with a backpack full of heavy rocks? Pushing against and pulling up to just try and take a few steps?  Do you believe this is the only way to move forward in your life? That life has to be difficult in order to just live it? Do you lose sleep worrying about things?

How does one shift the thought process? First, be aware. Be aware of all the signs and information that is being brought to you, pay attention to the repetitive messages. I find myself on Instagram scrolling through the quotes and there is always a similar message to me and I find myself smiling. Spirit is providing you information all the time. Your highest self is providing information to you also.

Once you become aware of the messages and signs, you get to start choosing whether you stay in the thought process you currently are in or change it. What to change it to? What do you want more of in your life? That is what you change it to. If it is to have less worry, then focus on peace. Welcome more peace into your life. When you become aware of worrying, then stop, take a breath, and tell yourself, I welcome peace into my life. By simply stopping and changing your thoughts, you change the course of your life.

Instead of fighting against the thoughts, you are learning to go with the flow, to allow in what you desire more of, there is no need to push the river.

Until next time – – sending you love, light and peace of mind.


What to write this week has been a challenge. There are so many subjects and yet when I sit in front of my laptop, looking at the white Word Document my thoughts scatter to the wind.

So, you’ll get tidbits it looks like.

The Open House from last Friday was a total hit! Approximately 30-35 people stopped by, hung out, chatted, laughed, and had an overall fun time! I was blown away and filled with so much gratitude. I am right where I am supposed to be in this journey. Helping others and expanding the consciousness!

A client and I were discussing the letting go and allowing in of energy, thoughts, feelings, etc. She said she understood the letting go part, but how was she to know if she was allowing in? I always like to provide examples or ways to have the person feel the answer so this is what I came up with.

When we meet people and say hello, we give energy, after we’ve said the hello, we are holding a space in our body for them to return the hello (receive energy). It is when the person does not say anything back we recognize the space we are holding and it is empty. Now, we have two choices, make a snide comment back to them about not saying hello (putting negative energy into our own energy space) or to simply wish them a good day (putting positive energy into our energy space). Have you ever noticed how grumpy you can get if someone just doesn’t respond to a Good Morning, or a hello? You don’t have to.

So, hopefully, this example, helps you better understand what it means when I say at a Reiki session – let go of what no longer serves you, a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a memory and when those things are released, space is created, and you get to allow in all that you desire for your highest purpose! Open yourself to the abundance of the Universe – all of it is yours to receive!

On Facebook – there is an “On This Day” that provides history from the time you first created an account. I always like to see what happened and to see what my thinking was in the past. I’m sometimes amazed of how far back I’ve lived in the mindset I currently have. It is a mere nine years ago, my daughter and I were living with my son, my bedroom was my living space. All my items were in storage. LONG story but it was then that I REALLY started embracing my faith, that this journey I was on was for learning and growing.

I am ever indebted to my son for allowing us to live with him for the six months it took to get back on my feet and financially be able to afford a place. One big lesson I learned was tenacity and positive thinking goes a long way with dealing with whatever one is faced with.

During this holiday season, may you deeply understand your own tenacity and ability to re-imagine your own thinking to what helps you live your life. See the gratitude in things, even the very simple things, holding a door open, sharing a smile, pay attention to the little signs that are being given to you each day.

Until next week, sending you positive, healing, light-hearted and laughter filled energy!

Embracing This Journey

Embracing This Journey

So much happening, I have the lap bar on the roller coaster and screaming with delight and a little bit of healthy fear.

Here is what is happening in December and into 2018.

OPEN HOUSETHIS Friday, December 1st from 4:00-8:00 pm in celebration of moving into my very own office (707 E 41st Street-Suite 225)! Light appetizers, wine and non-alcoholic beverages provided. This has been a dream of mine since the summer of 2013 when I had just became a Reiki Healer! I’m so glad it didn’t happen then, I definitely wasn’t ready!  This spiritual growth that I’ve been able to go through in the last four years has been amazing and much needed.

When I think about how quickly things have changed from July 2016 when I moved out of my home to Wakefield Chiropractic I am amazed and filled with much appreciation! I average 43 sessions a month and continue to increase connecting with those that are seeking peace, relief from pain, insight and overall a better quality of life. I have not done this on my own, it is YOU who have believed in me and for that I am forever filled with gratitude!

 TAKE CARE OF YOU SPECIAL – Schedule a session in December and receive 20% off your session in January. It is important to take care of your health and with the stressors of the Holidays along with cold and flu season it only makes sense you would want to take care of yourself!

VISION BOARD and WORD for 2018 WorkshopTwo different dates available!
Sunday-December 10th ~ 4:00-7:00pm
Thursday-December 28th ~ 5:45-8:45pm

Plan to join me in creating a vision for your life and get your Word for 2018!

I will walk you through the steps to get clear and creative intention for what you aspire in your life. We will use magazines, pictures and quotes to create your vision board.

Vision Boards align your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. Most people don’t take the time, we let our busy distracted lives keep us well, busy and distracted. It’s time to change that!

One Word for 2018 can be a focus for the upcoming year. It is a powerful tool to have to manifest in your life.

This small group will provide an intimate informal setting to share your hopes and dreams for your future.

Limited space available – CONTACT ME TODAY to get signed up and pre-pay. Cost $40 (if there is interest I will hold a workshop in January for those not able to attend in December)

LIVING WITH INTENTION 2018 – Monthly gathering starting in January.
2nd Sunday 4:30-6:00 -or- 3rd Thursday 5:45-7:15

Are you tired of having life happen and reacting to whatever comes at you?
I will share my secrets and ways I’ve been able to move from a reactive way of living to one of living with intention. I will provide tools and insights that you will be able to apply to your day to day life. Each month will have a different subject.

Held monthly on two different days to accommodate a variety of schedules.

This small group will provide an intimate informal setting thereby providing you real opportunity to shift into an intention living life! Limited number of chairs, bring your favorite bolster, pillow or yoga mat to sit on. Cost $25 per session or $275 annual. Pre-registration strongly suggested.

Second Saturday continues to grow and deepen in the connection that each of us share. On average 14 men and women are in attendance. We start out with brief introductions, a short meditation and then a subject for the month. This small group gathering provides ample opportunity to share your questions and thoughts and receive feedback from a variety of individuals. If you are feeling alone and that you don’t fit in – come to 2nd Saturday – you just may find your tribe!

Held every 2nd Saturday of the month at 122 S Phillips Ave – Suite 220 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. The entry is located on the east side (back of the building)

HAPPY HOUR OF HEALTH Nourish your body and soul social.
December 12 or 13, 5:30 pm
Join Julie Moncur Draayer, Beautycounter Consultant and me as we share about safer personal care products and Reiki. Learn what both can do to help you live a healthier, balanced life. Sample products and receive a free chair Reiki session during this time. No cost to attend. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served. RSVP Required. Contact Julie at Space is limited.

Valerie Hanson Albers with Sojourner Stones now has a pop-up location in my office! She has a variety of stones and crystals available in a beautiful cabinet. She will be available every First Tuesday and Fourth Thursday of the month during the hours of 5:15 – 6:30 pm for you to ask questions, inquire about availability, and most of all  purchase your favorite stones and crystals! You can connect with Valerie at Sojourner Stones website or Facebook page – Sojourner Stones.

Sarah Pengitore, doTerra Wellness Advocate, is my go-to person for all things essential oils! While Sarah is new to the essential oil “world”, she has a wealth of knowledge already and continually expanding. Sarah has a small cabinet with essential oils available to try and also purchase. You can find Sarah at her Facebook page Elixirs and Mixtures.  Sarah holds regular classes and workshops held at various locations, check out the schedule on Facebook and attend one soon!

Coming in January, Tarot Card Readings by William Dale. William is Clairvoyant and Intuitive. He continues to expand his knowledge and understanding of all things metaphysical and holistic. You can connect with William on his Facebook page Epiphany Guidance. Currently he is planning on doing readings the first Wednesday (4-7) and every Saturday (2-5) a month. Check his Facebook page for cost and to schedule.


Smudge Spray – available in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz sizes, ranging in price from $5.50 to $22. This special combination of five essential oils  that includes sage, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and wintergreen is Reiki infused as it is created. This light, uplifting spray will cleanse an area that feels stagnant, dense or negative. One client sprays it over her bed every evening for calm and relaxing sleep. Another client travels frequently and uses it in her hotel room. I used to use it at my cubicle job to protect my energy and to uplift the negativity I was surrounded in. Available to purchase online or at the office.

Full Moon and New Moon Calendars – a great way to keep track of the moon cycles in an artistic way!  I draw these each year and print them on quality card stock. I keep mine on the refrigerator and just enjoy looking at the colors and design along with of course the reminder. It also helps remind me when I’m experiencing a bit of wonkiness that I can “attribute” it to the moon, LOL. You can purchase online or in person at the office.

Meditation Minders – I created these glass and bead dangles to be hung on mirrors or windows as a simple reminder to take a moment and breathe. We often times get so busy “doing” that we forget to just “be”. If you want to create a regular meditation regime, these meditation minders just may be the thing to get you started! You can purchase these at the office to choose your favorite or trust the Universe to have me pick the one you are to have and order online! You can purchase online or in person at the office.

Gift Certificates – Did you know I offer gift certificates? I offer them via personalized gift certificate in an envelope and online e-certficate. Available in any amount. Contact me directly to purchase the personalized gift certificate. Wondering what to request for Christmas or your birthday present? A gift certificate is a perfect healthy gift to receive!

IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR – I thank you for your support in spreading the word of the services I offer. I do not take it lightly that this expansion and growth could not happen unless I have the help of others. YOU mean more to me than you can even remotely imagine.

Until next week, sending you beautiful uplifting glitter-filled energy for a gorgeous day and an even better week! Share this energy to everyone you meet, allow the ripple effect to be at its finest!


Just like the drop in the ocean doesn’t see how it’s making an impact, you too do not understand the impact you are making.


I was texting with my daughter the other day and sharing with her the positive experience I had at 2nd Saturday. For those of you not aware, I host an event called 2nd Saturday every month. It’s for people that are becoming aware of the synchronicities in life, being aware of their energy, and the understanding there is something more going on around us. I was guided by Spirit last December to start holding this monthly event and I basically went into it blindly, not knowing what I was supposed to be doing, but I was definitely to be hosting it. The attendance started out small, 1-3 people, and has built to a pretty steady 14-15 people (both men and women) in attendance. My goal is to simply hold space for people to come together and share their thoughts and experiences. I also am as authentic as I can be in leading the group.

In our texting conversation she stated I was doing so much for the people here. That got me to thinking about how, at times, I feel so inadequate and how I don’t feel like I’m doing enough.

You ever feel that way? Like you think somehow you can squeak out just a bit more of yourself to share with others?

I am learning, ever so slowly, that I am enough. I am enough just as I am. I don’t have to change, I don’t have to adjust, that by simply being Who I Am I make a difference. Along this line of thinking I am also reminded to love myself. Yeah, right!? No, really – loving myself – giving myself love.  Take a moment, right now, put your hand on your heart, and say to yourself – I love myself, I give myself love, my heart beats to the vibration of Universal love. I am worthy and I deserve love.

As the holiday’s start next week, remind yourself, you are making an impact in this world by simply being here at this moment in time. May you feel the vibration of love I am sending to you and may you allow your love to ripple outward into the world!

Beliefs and Energies

There is a saying, choose carefully the people that you surround yourself with. I realized today how important that is!I started out my day just like any other, woke up with a positive attitude and an idea of how my day was going to unfold.

I received a phone call from someone that I haven’t spoken with in quite some time and we talked for a half hour or so. The call itself and the subjects we discussed were like any other phone call. What was the ah-ha moment for me was when I got off the phone.

I found myself in an irritated mood. Nothing real major but something that I simply acknowledged and then thought I let go of. An hour or so passed and I found myself in a foul mood, I started down the path of lack of thinking. Lack of thinking is the vibration of worry. Worrying about not having enough money, not enough clients, how am I going to pay my bills in December, what am I going to do the end of the month, and the recordings just kept going through my mind. I was also in fear mode. Fearful of how am I going to maintain what I have, how am I going to get more clients, etc. It is a VERY slippery slope of negativity, lack of and fear.

In my thoughts, I shouted STOP. Then, I took an assessment, what had changed from the time I’d woken up to now? How did I remove myself from being in the moment and trusting to stepping out of the connection to Spirit? I recalled the phone conversation I had. I accepted this person’s energy and self-beliefs and they got attached to me. It can be that simple to accept another person’s beliefs and be influenced by them.

I brushed this energy off my entire being (called Dry Brushing Technique) and focused more on my centering and allowing myself to be in the energy vibration I now live in. You see, I choose to live in an abundance space, allowing all the goodness of the Universe to come to me, I accept it with open arms. This energy vibration brings me peace, acceptance and comfort. I am taken care of physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is where I FOCUS my energy that gets me where I want to be.

How often do you accept others beliefs and energies and then find yourself not being your authentic self? What thoughts do you allow to be in your life? Your attitude towards anything literally will set the tone for your day, month, year and most of all life. Choose wisely who you surround yourself with and most of all – choose your own joy, love, abundance and fearlessness!

Living with Intention

Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

Living with Intention

I attended a Mindfulness and Meditation hosted by South Dakota Buddhist Vihara. Buddhist’s from Minneapolis come once a month to share meditation. During the service, we did a walking meditation.

For those of you not familiar with a walking meditation it is an opportunity to really get in touch with your body and awareness of yourself. The way the Buddhist taught it was to start by standing with both feet together, standing tall and relaxed. Slowly lift your right heel up, then the lift the bottom of the foot and slowly moving the foot forward. Set the foot down slowly. Then, lifting the left heel up, bottom of the foot and then slowly moving the left foot forward, slowly setting the foot down. Continue to do this walk in a slow deliberate method.

What I noticed during this exercise, with the other people that attended, was that most of us were walking towards the line we were to go to rather than being aware of the actual walking. People were focused on getting to the end rather than during the moments of walking meditation. I found myself also taking too big of steps to be able to do the walking meditation with intention.

This made me have an ah-ha moment.  How often in our lives we are living for the end result. Many people feel there are so many, many things they need to accomplish before they die, to keep themselves busy, filling their days with stuff. Many measure their productivity by the items they accomplish rather than by the awareness, intention and degree of presence. I know I’m guilty of doing this.

This quote so resonates with me, Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.

At the end of your day, reassess of how present you were during the day. Remind yourself, there is no perfection in being present, it’s simply an awareness.

Being in this Body

Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

Being in this Body

If you agree that we are souls having a human experience, then it is only logical to realize this human body holds your soul during your human life. To take it a step further, realizing this body is simply doing what it was designed to do, help you have all the experiences, good and bad there are available as a human.

I’ve been observing lately how often people hate either their entire body or a portion of it and yet expect their bodies to perform at 100% healthy. Think about that for a moment. What if, you were working for someone that treated you very poorly, every single day, and yet, the expectations were to give them 100%+ of your energy, time, thoughts, etc. How long would you stay at that job? Is it any wonder our bodies will react and not perform like we want it to?

What brought all this observation to a head was last Tuesday, I was cold, all day. I just couldn’t seem to get warm. I didn’t know what was going on as I’m not normally cold. The next day I was sneezing at least ten plus times in a short period of time. I thought, oh no, I don’t have time to get sick. I immediately started using essential oils on the bottom of my feet, drinking a special concoction of ginger, lemon, turmeric and cinnamon, and I ended up taking over the counter medicine. What I also did though, was I started listening to a guided meditation on Youtube that The Honest Guys have posted. I listened to this guided meditation in the morning and in the evening.

What I was amazed with, was by listening to this meditation I literally felt my body healing. I felt like I was getting in alignment with my body again. By Friday evening I was feeling good, no aches and very little other allergy/cold/flu symptoms. It is Sunday as I write this and the only thing I have a little bit left of is the sinus area is clearing out.

Observing how quickly my body released the sickness and realigned with health is pretty amazing. I also made sure that I was not stating, I hate being sick, I don’t have time to be sick, all the words that we usually state when feeling sick. I kept thinking to myself, I am healthy, my body is healthy, it is healing. I have the ability to be healthy.

While this is a simple example of how we can work with our bodies and not against them, what can you do to embrace this body that your soul is housed in? How can you love it into health? When your body starts to give you indications that it is becoming tired, that it can’t keep up, do you stop and listen to it or do you expect it to keep giving you 100% when it clearly can’t?

Take a moment today to check in with your body. Listen to the nudges, learn to love all the parts of your body. All your body wants is love and acknowledgement. If you can’t or won’t take time for yourself, who is going to?