Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov


On Facebook, there is the “On This Day” that pops up to remind us what happened in the past years that we posted. To my surprise, the end of June, a picture of my Reiki Room showed up along with a group picture with Wakefield Chiropractic! It has been an entire year since I “moved out” of my home and into an office to provide Reiki and the rest of my services.

I am amazed of how well the entire transition has gone! From part-time to full-time, to moving to another location after only six months!

Many, many years ago I had this dream. A dream of having my own business, to be able to be the boss of myself, to create, and more importantly to be able to help others. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming but this life that I’m currently living is real!

My faith in Spirit has always been strong, but this new life encourages me to release the need to control and to come from a place of allowing. Knowing, that I truly am being taken care of if I will just allow the abundance to come to me.

What dreams do you have? If you don’t have dreams of where you want your life to be, why not? The Universe is waiting to assist you in making whatever you desire a reality! I’m a true testament to this! Oh, and just wait and see what Spirit and I are working on for my future! It’s going to be AWESOME!

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