Heidi’s Happiness

Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere,
doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov

This photo of the monarch butterfly evolving from the chrysalis to the actual dried wings butterfly reminded me of how I see people.

Some people are still in their cocoon. They may not even know they are in the cocoon because the pain they are going through doesn’t make sense to them. I also see some that know they are in the cocoon and welcome the pain and growth because they understand what is coming.

There are those that are crawling out of the cocoon and trying to fly before they are ready. They are frustrated and angry because they can’t move into all they want to be right away. Patience my dear, patience.

There are some that have come out of the cocoon, their wings are dry, they are ready, but they hold on tight to the branch, they are afraid. What does it mean to fly? What does it mean to be all that I’m meant to be? What if I can’t do it the “right” way? Why bother if I can’t be perfect.

If there is anything I’ve learned on this journey is to trust. Trust the process, trust the pain, trust the joy, trust the nudge. Oh you beautiful butterfly – let go – use those wings – they were meant to carry you far!

It’s time for you to shine! Share you! Beautiful, glorious YOU!

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