I offer a variety of services including in person Reiki sessions, Intuitive Coaching, Medium Readings, Reiki I and II classes, a variety of workshops and so much more. I’ve been trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho, became a Reiki practitioner in May of 2013 and a Reiki Master Teacher in March of 2014. I’ve been practicing Reiki full-time since September 2016.

I am not a licensed doctor or physician of any kind, if you’re suffering with a serious illnesses and in need of specific ailments, you should seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner.

Recommendations by clients

Heidi is a very inspiring, special person with truly unique gifts to help others. She’s creative, intuitive, strong, fun to be around, and an amazing teacher. I’ve received Reiki from her many times, each time was a touching, powerful experience. I met her at a crucial point in my life, when I was going through a lot of changes and working through a lot of inner pain. She was invaluable to my healing process and I am forever grateful to know her!! Andrea B

I had my first Reiki session today with Heidi. I’ve wanted to try it for some time now, but didn’t really have the time to offer for it. I’m happy that it worked out this time!

Not only was the experience a very peaceful one, I definitely feel refreshed after our session. It’s a great meditative experience. Being a person who’s not always open to the meditative realm of things, and I totally get it when others are a little apprehensive about it. BUT – if you’ve been curious about it, if you’re feeling stressed out, or if you just need a break and you’re really not into yoga, I sincerely recommend being open to trying this. If you go into it with an open mind you’ll leave feeling fresh as rain. Thank you Heidi! I’m looking forward to our next session! Carly R.

Heidi gets it. She truly meets you were you are and gently guides you to a more enlightened space! She uses her gift to help others discover theirs. There is really no good way to explain my experience, but it was amazing and I am so glad I was connected with her. The spirit works in amazing ways, and I am so glad he lead me to Heidi and the chance to experience Reiki!! I will be back! Shannon W

I too believe I was Divinely directed to Heidi! My first appointment was yesterday! I was so excited to meet up with another person who truly understands what is going on during this time! I could have talked for hours with her! I had a Reiki session and it was amazing! My back issue to the point of having such difficulty getting out of a chair, is almost completely gone today!!! I got up out of a chair 3 different times today before I realized, no pain!!! I will most definitely be back and I will be sharing about her practice!! Feeling very grateful! <3 Julie MD

Heidi has a gift that blows my mind! Whether you’re looking for just a relaxing time, in need of a pick me up, or your facing some serious barriers, Heidi is your person! I travel 4 hours just to see her! She always knows just what I need! Thank you Heidi for sharing your beautiful gifts! If you haven’t seen her- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Shandy M

I was absolutely amazed with the entire Reiki process. Heidi is a true expert at her craft. She helped me release more unwanted energy in 1-hour than I’ve been able to release in years by myself. Amazing! Valerie E

I had my skeptical daughter visit Heidi. She was as impressed as me! Heidi has great insight and a real caring attitude. With little touch,she is very effective. Rebecca T

Reiki Session

Is the negativity of the world affecting you? Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts?  Would you like the ability to shift out of a place that isn’t working for you to a place that feels better and helps your outlook? Reiki can be what you are looking for. During a Reiki session I work with your energy and help you release the negativity and allow in the positive. Many people report feeling lighter after just one session. There is no magic pill available (yet, at least!) however, if you’ve tried other ways to feel better, whether it be emotionally or physically and they just didn’t seem to help, Reiki could be what you are seeking. Book a session, try it at least once and you just may be surprised of the results!  

Intuitive Coaching

Are you looking for insight on a situation in your life? Are you feeling anxious and confused what you are supposed to be doing with your life? Do you have a relationship that isn’t going where you want it to go? Is your job not all it could be? Do you find yourself being angry a lot of the time? Have you had melt downs that later when you look at them you don’t understand why you did what you did? You are a candidate for Intuitive Coaching. After talking with you, I provide insight and tools so that you can make the decisions in a more informed and understanding way for your life. I see interactions as energy and thus can provide you insight in a way that most people never consider. Don’t wait another moment, book a session now!

Medium Reading

I am a Medium that primarily works with souls who have happily crossed over to the other side and, for the most part, are at peace. They may have regrets or unresolved issues, but they’re not haunted or lost.

Here are some things you may hear in a reading; hair color, body type, height, personality, their name or the names of others in the family, how they passed or health challenges they faced. Once it’s established of who is coming forward, then comes the good stuff. The most important part of any mediumship reading is passing on messages from the person in spirit to their family and friends who are still living. Messages can be anything at all. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your loved one will come through during your session.  Typically they will, but there is never a guarantee.  Click here to book a session

Tip:  If you are planning to have a reading, think about your loved one before your appointment.  A few days prior, imagine telling your loved one that you want them to be at the appointment, too.  


Divine Messages

Discovering Your Journey Workshop

Reiki Classes