Heidi’s Happiness

Happiness isn’t a destination,
it’s a realization that things couldn’t possibly get any better than
having the freedom to perceive as you please and to think as you choose,
in a magical adoring Universe.

How blessed you are!

What if, you go to asleep tonight, just as you are – and tomorrow, you wake up as an African American? What if you wake up Native American?  What if you are now Asian? How does your day change? How does your mind change?

Now, let’s take a different turn, what if you went to sleep a female and woke up a male or vice versa? How does your day change? Do you carry yourself any different? Are your beliefs any different?

Anyone that knows me knows I want to go deeper in the conversation, so now, you wake up with a different belief system? How does your day change?

Let’s assume, this belief system is for your higher good, it is in alignment with Source/God/Divine/Universe, it is pure, more pure than you’ve ever been able to experience and feel. How does your day change? How does your outlook on life change?

What if, you are on a journey of discovery? Those things that have been such a part of your life, so ingrained that you would never ever in a million years believe they would no longer align with you, you find yourself questioning them. Its okay, it’s safe. You are not going to hell, or anywhere else for NOT believing in what you have always believed in, what you were taught.

One of the purposes of me being here on earth right now is to help people align with who THEY TRULY ARE. Not the outside forces that have said what box each of us are supposed to live in, what society requirements we are each supposed to fit in.  Now, you get to realign the box, in fact, you can even discard the box and not even have one! Well, okay, that may be a bit too much for some of us to handle. So, really, you get to redesign who you are in whatever way YOU want to. There is no wrong or right way. When you connect to your inner-self, your soul, your spirit you get to discover your Truth.

Believe it or not, when each of us connect with our own Truth, we actually align with the vibration of the Universe and therefore make this place, this time, a more peaceful and positive place to live.

What if? Take this thought and ponder it today and throughout the coming week.

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